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(no subject) [Oct. 4th, 2006|04:56 pm]
I didn't notice that until now.
Thats not really fair at all.
I guess I don't really know what to do.
So I won't do anything.
I'll just meditate.

I got this Bubs
from TheLordNick.com/Bubs

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Come [Oct. 4th, 2006|06:58 am]
I hope You are doing well.

I'll be watching LJ again soon. I miss you All.

I've never felt better, and I've never been doing better, yet still; awareness places:

Rock > Me < Hard Place

Passage Revelation 22:17:
17The Spirit and the bride say, "Come " And let the one who hears say, "Come " And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.

<3 Sneaky Michael
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(no subject) [Sep. 22nd, 2006|12:45 am]

"Theres an angel at the edge of my bed
she looks so insecure
she knows I need her next to me
her soft stomach doesnt look like the lover on tv
she covers herself with my sheets

In a black and white picture grey eyes always have color
This picture we could never record

She is the blanket I'll cover myself
she needs a kiss to know she's alive"

Worry not my friends. There have been no angels at the edge of my bed for what feels like quite a while now.

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Rough Draft "Final" Poem [Jun. 14th, 2006|11:43 am]
I kept hoping we'd connect. There was always Hope that we could be friends, and really connect.

We're all crowded around the coach. We've took far to many pictures, and we pose for four final pictures. Four final funny face pictures. Paul, Joel, Jesse, and I are behind the Couch. Paul and Jesse casually pose for any ordinary picture. Joel maintains the look of a madman, and crouches down, wraps his arms, over the couch and around Whitney. All of our leading ladies sit on the couch below. Kiran smiles. Jessica blows a kiss. Laura Strikes her seductive pose. Whitney, and joel as previously mentioned are wrapped in each other's arms. And then there's you. You sit on the far right side of the couch, not really relating to any one of us, except maybe to me, in my solitude.

If you review the picture you'll see me standing tall. Comparing my excessive height to mock my brothers, and how short they will always be. I stand out, all alone separated feet away from other people. And You're like a ghost secluded to the side. Just a memory.

This just reminds me of how often people decide to run away from their past. I see myself doing this all throughout my childhood. Petty reasons made me fear seeing one friend after another. So, eventually I just never saw them again. Move on. find a friend.

Finding faults in friends allows freedom. Finding more friends follows freeing friends. Friends come Free. Free your friends.

In one of my classes I vaguely recall being asked to write about an admirable historical figure. I just keep thinking about the conquistadors, depicted in the media, going to meet the friendly native, on the shore. History records who the conquistador is.

History isn't written by the losers. He lives forever trapped in a vortex of memory, a relic.

His face is my face. My mother tells me I'm part Native American. My mother tells me I'm part spaniard. My mother tells me I'm a lot of things. I know my blood is finally washed thin enough that I must look more like the Spaniard. I'm the one approaching the new land, wearing plated armor, which would reflect any friendly or unfriendly incoming object. I see the armor reflecting the light, miles away, screaming defense.

I know why you're a ghost in our pictures. You also bore the plated armor. You thought your armor was strong and ready to deflect. The lands you choose to conquer, were stronger than you. You partied and partied and partied, and you thought that the people you partied with would never harm you. You were destroyed in your own conquest. We found out what happened to you, so you had to run.
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Lit Poetry works [Jun. 11th, 2006|10:06 pm]
[music |Jason Webley]

Prayer to the Soda Pop
(Secretly an Imitation Poem I did as a class assignment)

When the blood sugar is low
When the light fades
I call on you my Sprite
To rescue me and show me the light

I have been without
As the day has grown long
My back broken to the labors
Only you can bring me back
To lay under the Lemon-Line Tree

Thank you, oh my Sprite
You have given me new life
and you have my praise
My blood sugar is just right

Bumble Bee
Extended Metaphor

My Lover is a bumble bee
She flies through my house
She lands on me
And she buzzes and buzzes and buzzes
Her arms her wings frolic through the field
She enjoys pollinating the Iris Flower
And she buzzes and buzzes and buzzes
My Love is a very nice bee
She never bites or stings
She lays quietly and waits
And she buzzes and buzzes and buzzes
And she buzzes and buzzes and buzzes

Clouds Care
Personification & Alliteration

Clouds care to cradle the crying
Surely, these ones are very kind social
They are terrific lovers as well, so I hear.
These clouds make for the cutest little baby clouds
With big poofy green eyes
The fluffy clouds giggle as they float by
Thin little clouds like to hang around other thin little clouds
The nice big fatty clouds, of course, hang around other nice plump clouds
Free and forthright, frothy and friendly they are
And very social as well
Sometimes one cannot even see the stars
There's a party in the sky

Voice Poems about the Moon

Mother, Mother, is the moon really made out of cheese?
Mother, Mother, could we fly there? Please?
What cheese do they make it out of?
Is it made with Love?
Mother, Mother, the Cheese is Grey!
Mother, Could we play there today?
We could make a rocket fueled on the Soda Pop!
After the moon, Mars can be the next stop!
Mother, Thanks for being my best friend.
Mommy? I hope the moon never ends.

I was supposed to write one from the point of view of a lawyer. I never did.

Mad Person:
Twelve moons will haunt me this year
It's the eleventh that truly strikes fear
When the Twelfth Doesn't come around
Won't the oceans cease to sound
When the water stops the move
That's when I'll begin to lose
All that I had, until I'm stark raving mad
But in the end I'll be glad
To live in fear is shame
and to these fears I've sold my own name
And when fear becomes death my mind will release
God awful moon, please please leave

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The Rest of this Quiz [Jun. 7th, 2006|11:13 pm]
[music |J-Woo Hip Hop in the Background, Talkin and Takin a Shot.]

118. What do you look for in opp sex? I really like general kindness, Really nice and thoughtful people really just float my boat : )
119. What is your nickname(s)? in life? Mikey? MikeMichaelMikey by one guy. I could use a few more I guess
120. Bungee jump? Nay
121. Do you untie your shoes every time you take them off? Nope, I try to avoid that at all costs
122. What are you worried about right now? Not really much, Kinda worried ab
123. Do you ever wear overalls? No, although I want some. Good Idea :)
124. Do you think you are strong? Everybody has their strengths and weaknesses
125. What's your least favorite thing in the world? Girl's Soft skin
126. How many wisdom teeth do you have? I'm halfway evolved. I only had two, snd I got them removed
127. What would you change about yourself? I'd make myself kinder gentler, more outgoing, less weather dependant
128. What is your star sign? Aries, But I'm not really into this system...
129. How vivid are your dreams? Depends, a lot
130. Bath or Shower? Shower, Bathing is for lovers : ) (Must write song about that)
131. Gold Or Silver? Silver
132. What is your best feature? I'd prolly say my Eyes....
133. Do you file your finger nails? no lolz
134. What sport do you play? Cross Country Running. Our Sport is Your Sports Punishment.
135. Do You Do Your Own Shopping? Yes
136. Can you dance? Lolz, no, not until freak dancing is called dancing...
137. Would you prefer to lay or stand? What?
138. What do you wear in bed? Lately I'm an undies only kinda guy
139. How often do you shower? Every day
140. What is your biggest Fear? Not Finding The Right Love
141. Would you make love on a first date? No, and It's not possible to "Make Love" on a first date. Think about it... 
142. Would you date a single mother/father? Not just yet...
143. Do you believe in life after death? Yea, Me and Falco are gonna kick it.
144. What is your ambition? To become Bilingual, and lead a fine and proud life, as well as leave a wonderful path for others to follow.
145. Do you have any crushes? I always have crushes. I'm just that kinda nerd...
146. How often do you drink coffee? Rarely
147. Fave Sex Position? From what I hear Variety is the Spice of Life.
148. Do You Gel your Hair? Nay!
149. Perfume? Man Perfume only in the right time
150. Where Do you wish you were right now? Didnt I already do this question? 
151. Would you recommend a one night stand? Fuck No

YOUR RELATIONSHIP IS: Many Relationships. I like them all.
YOUR CAR IS: 89 Black VW Cabriolet. Wanna go for a Ride?
YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER IS: Either a Buzzing bee or I dont have a significant other. I like Bees 
YOUR SEXLIFE IS: Personal...
YOUR JOB IS: Not going to Pay me anything at all this summer... Crap.
YOUR HOBBIES ARE: Guitar, Games, Friends, Anything with friends,
YOUR PET(S) ARE/IS: None atm
YOUR GAMING ABILITY IS: Can be damn good at times. Sometimes tooo good
YOUR TALENT: Nerdiness
YOUR HOPE: To be happy : )
FAVORITE ANIME MOVIE: Probably Dragonball Z or such
REASON FOR LIVING: It's fun and I like my friends and such
PLASTIC OR PAPER....APPLICATOR: WTF kinda question is this for the end of the Quiz? How the F should I know?

Good Quiz. Kinda long. Doooooo Eeeeeet Tho. <3<3<3 Laters
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Stolen Goods [Jun. 7th, 2006|01:03 am]
[mood |tired Tired]
[music |Jack Johnson, Pearl Jam, Peter Gabriel]

Have you...
1. Fallen for someone who hates you? I vaguely recall something like that in Middle school. I think I had a crush on Courtney Simpson on the bus home 8th grade...
2. Made out with just a friend? Not that I recall...
3. Been loved? Yes
4. Been in love? Yes
5. Used someone? Nah
6. Been used? Not really
7. Been kissed? Yes
8. Done something you regret? Not really

Who was the last person...
9. You called? Actually Kris
10. You talked to? Kris
11. You hugged? Kris <3..., no lol April <3
12. You instant messaged? Brian?
13. You kissed? A Buzzing Bee
14. You had sex with? Too Personal
15. You yelled at? Play yelling at El Capitan
16. You laughed with? El Capitan
17. Who broke your heart? April made a damn nice attempt when not talking to me for a week... </3
18. Who told you they loved you? Ugh..

Do you...
20. Have any birthmarks? not rea
21. Have any piercings? Nope
22. Have a 6 pack? Actually since ive skinnied down sometime a little something shows through :)
23. Own your own house? not quite yet...
24. Speak any languages? Little Spanish
25. Cook your own dinner? Sure
26. Laze In The Bath Often? On and Off Yea, we've got a good relationship <3
27. Know your height and weight? 5'11", 160-170? lbs.

Have you / Do you / Are you...
28. Stolen anything? Nope
29. Take mental pills? haha, Nope
30. OD? What a bad idea...
31. Obsessive? Not really
32. Compulsive? Not really
33. Obsessive compulsive? Not really
Why is this quiz making my computer lag? Is this editing HTML or something???
34. Panic? I'm quite clear headed under stress :)
35. Anxiety? Nope
36. Depressed? Not now but sometimes I get a lil down
37. Control Freak? I dom't think I am... no
38. Obsessed with hate? I don't like hate. What good does it do? Do you own your hate, or does your hate own you? It's such a strong word too :( 
39. Dream of mutilated bodies? WTF Who owns that? F no, Hayzoo Kreesto 

40. If you could be anywhere, where would you be? Probably just somewhere nice like Cali, Hawaii, or Isreal...
41. Can you do anything freakish with your body? The Freakishness is the natural shapes and sizes. Polish is good and bad...
42. What feature do you find most attractive on opp. sex? <3 I like girls. Kinda a lot. I enjoy Eyes alot, but I recall finding the unique beauty of each girl/woman I've known. Thats the best part <3
43. Would you vote for a woman candidate for president? Sure I guess
44. Would you marry for money? Dont think that could be done...
45. Have you had braces? Yea lolz
46. Do you like to wear lip gloss? not gloss
47. Do you sing in the shower? ocasionally i find myself doing this...
48. When was the last time you had a hickey? Oooo, Like a week ago, lolz
49. Could you live without a computer? Yea sure, its just really good for communication
50. Do you use AOL, MSN, Yahoo? AIM
51. If so, how many people are on your list? 100ish
52. If you could live in any past, where would it be and when? Yea, I would have chosen to be born in Juneau Alaska in 1986... 
53. Do you wear white socks? Yes
54. Do you wear shoes? Yes
55. What is your favorite fruit? the iFruits :)
56. Do you eat wheat bread or white? Wheat when I can
57. What is your favorite place to visit? My heart when I remember too...
58. Fave DVD? That I own? The Warriors, I know the main character and I'm gonna get a full size poster signed by him
59. Do you kiss on the first date? I don't know if I would now, but I have in the past... Probably.. I'm easy going...
60. Are you photogenic? No, not at all. Seriously
61. Do you dream in color or black and white? Color, I think
62. What are you wearing right now? Fleece sweatpants <3 Lane Croos Country shirt, that I won ; )
63. Do you eat a lot of fruit? Sometimes...
64. Do you have any dimples? *Wish*
65. Do you remember being born? haha, No... does anybody?
66. Why do you take surveys? I think they're fun
67. Do you drink alcohol? No/Yes/No/No
68. Did you like high school? It was ok... I don't know anymore...
69. What's the best accent? French, please speak french to me It's dirty and sexxy and lazy and beautiful at the same time. I think I'm a nerd....
70. Who do you want to kiss? Yes and No
71. Do you like sunsets? Roses, Yes
72. Do you want to live to be 100? If I'm healthy 
73. Do you or have you played with a ouija board? Nope...
74. Are you loyal? Yes
75. Are you tolerant of other peoples beliefs? Yes, and I've been trying to work on that
76. When you watch movies, do you like the lights on or off? Yea, for the most part
77. Do you like your nose? I think this is one of the time I'm not enjoying the Polish side of me. This Nose is kinda... Obtrusive...
78. Do you think you can draw well? Not really
79. At what age did you find out that Santa Clause wasn't real? Santa Clause isn't What?!?? 
80. How many pairs of shoes do have in your closet? Should Have 5, but only have 3
81. Do you like to wear the same shoes everyday? on and off yes
82. Do you write poetry? I really like it
83. Snore? I dont think so...
84. Do you sleep more on your back, front, or sides? Sides, always sides
85. Do you like Cats/Dogs? Yes, both.
86. Do you lick stamps? *Floats by on his Lollersketes* Sure i do...
87. Do you use an electric can opener? Nay!
88. Have you ridden in a hot air balloon? Scary, no
89. Like your name? Yes, I very much so do. I'm named after John Michael Talbot, and if you ask me He's a pretty cool guy.
90. Were you named after anyone? Oops, answered a bit early.. 
91. Do you wish on stars? Only when they shoot by <3
92. Which finger is your favorite? It's more of a trick/ combination kind of thing 
93. When did you last cry? : ( Actually I was cryin quite a bit a couple of weeks ago...
94. Do you like your handwriting? For myself Yay, but for others, Nay
95. Whom do you admire? Actually, Brian, my new 16 year old superfriend, in my college math class
96. What is the #1 priority in your life? I want to start working for things greater than me, and spreading the light of the world, which I believe is a good smile and a kind countanence.
This Quiz is longer than I thought...
Salsbury Hill
97. What is your favorite meat? Yea, i dunno
98. Any bad habits? Millions
99. What is your favorite animal? Small and large Wlesh Corgis
100. If you were another person, would you be friends with yourself? painful to admit that when I meet people I realize are very much alike me, we never like eachother...
101. Are you a daredevil? not really
102. Have you ever told anyone a secret? Yes, of course. ...
103. Do looks matter on opp sex? Yes, but not as much as whats inside. (True Dat)
104. Do You Swear? Yes, and I really need to stop...
105. Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? lolz, I wish
106. Do fish have feelings? Awwww Cute, I dunno
107. Are you trendy? Not really...
108. How do you release anger? I don't know. I should probably figure that out...
109. Where is your second home? I have many homes I suppose I could use. Yui's is kinda my second home. Nancy, in seattle, Laura in Arizona...
110. Do you trust others easily? yea
111. What was your favorite toy as a child? Legos i think
112. What class in school do you think is useless? I dunno
114. Have you ever been on radio or television? not that I recall
115. Do you have a journal? Yes : )
116. Do you use sarcasm a lot? Oh Goodness I'm getting tired...
117. Have you ever been in another country? Yes
118. What do you look for in opp sex? I look

Falling Asleep to some slow Peter Gabriel Song, Will finish Later...: *stares*
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Trick poetry method... [Jun. 1st, 2006|12:17 am]
[music |Jack Johnson - Cookie Jar]

My father snores 
to closed door 
though sometimes
he's the whore 
girl comes to town
squeeks like a mouse
steals the cheese
leaves me frowning
inside out
mother pays no mind
all these times
all our rhymes
shes the artistic one

A twenty four square foot window
never close the blinds
on a starship relationship
forever undefined

My mother
the artistic one
more fun
for all four of her sons
art, reading, stories
surely surely fun
lately just a job
accidental snob
too busy to see her sons
comes home from work
turns on the tube
becomes a boob
I'm ready to sue
for times owed
to this unruly fool

A twenty four square foot window
never close the blinds
on a starship relationship
forever undefined

Ask your unruly son
honey bun
don't make me think
get me a drink
employ yourself
off the shelf
you wont need our help
quit toying 
with destroying
more or less a boy
no allowance
dont emphasize
your own life goal prowess

A twenty four square foot window
never close the blinds
on a starship relationship
forever undefined
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(no subject) [May. 31st, 2006|12:10 pm]

Anybody wanna get rid of These systems? or Games to these systems they want to get rid of?

I'm now officially on the hunt...

EDIT: By the Way, I'm actually looking for like 3-4 gameboy type things, so hook me up!

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Just typed up to print for Poetry [May. 29th, 2006|09:00 pm]

Don't Get Angry with Me
Allen Ginsberg

Don't get angry with me
You might die tomorrow
I'm an empty hungry ghost
Any spare change I can borrow?

Don't get angry with me
Full of God tomorrow
Could get sorry you got mad,
wanna be the God of sorrow?

Don't get angry with me
War starts tomorrow
I'll get bombed You'll get shot
in the eye with an Interdependant Arrow

Don't get angry with me
Hell's hot tomorrow
If we're burned up now inflamed
Could pass aeons in cold horrow

Don't get angry with me
We'll be worms tomorrow
Both wriggling in the mud
cut in two by the ploughman's harrow

Don't get angry with me
Who'll we be tomorrow?
who knows who we are today?
Better meditate & pray,
Tila, Mila, Marpa, Naro.

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